Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The school systems

So Sarah and I recently had the joy of learning about what happens when little Avery and Sean turn 3.

No more EI no more unlimited amount of therapy they are "suppose" to be all better by now according to the state. It is hard because our little ones need the therapy we have not been going to therapy all of this time just to say we are down for now until they turn 5. Why would we want them to become more delayed and if we stop now that is what will happen.

The state offers a program for 3 and 4 year olds but it really only works well if one parent doesn't work. Here in IL they offer 2 hours of preschool like settings four days a week. They offer a bus service but I know I am not comfortable with Sean going on a bus by himself at 3 years old.

My official meeting is tonight so tonight is the BIG night but I just don't think there program will work for us I work 45 hours a week already and DH works 40 hours so what do we do.

More to come later........

Well I am back and happy to report I feel better than I did before I went. They gave me a few options and we have lots to think about. If he goes to there school it would 2.5 hours every day and he would get therapy during that time but they are trying to help me getting therapy in the district our preschool will be in then? We are all not sure how it will work but since the preschool is private and has elementary grades it qualifies under the new rules so fx.

Not sure what we will decide but we have to do what works for us and is best for Sean. Lots to think about.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our survivors

Avery, Leah, and Sean at the Milwaukee Stroke/Heart walk where our team raised almost $12,000.